Making disciples Here, there, and everywhere

New Life Global Ministries exists to help followers of Christ, follow Christ - here, there and everywhere. We will be used by God to encourage, equip and empower disciples of Jesus to make more, healthy, multiplying disciples of Christ here at home, throughout our nation, and to the ends of the earth.

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Missionary Journeys

Missionary Journeys not only impact the World with the spreading of the gospel, but transform your life as well.  New Life Global Ministries equips God’s people to evangelize the world through training trainers to make disciples that multiply across the globe.


Whether working in the inner city of one of America’s largest cities, heading to the remote areas of Appalachia or boarding a plane to another continent, team members will be demonstrating the love of Christ through disciple making.  While our Missionary Journeys may feel like just one week, they have the capacity to transform entire cities and nations.  As we spread the gospel and train new disciples to make disciples, you will be playing an important role in making disciples here, there and everywhere!

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