Current LifeGroups

There has never been a better time to experience REAL COMMUNITY through the awesome things God is doing in New Lifers. With different groups gathering across our county every day of the week, now is the perfect time to become a part of a LIFEGROUP that is the difference!

Take a brief minute to scroll through the current listing of groups for the Fall Semester. Once you find a group that fits your schedule and season of life, send a brief email here indicating the group(s) of interest(s) and you will be contacted by that group leader ASAP.

Get ready to have your life changed - you are about to experience an authentic, committed, following Christ experience called LIFEGROUPS!

For more information, contact Pastor Nick at 304.262.6522 or by email here.

Click here for the Spring 2018 LifeGroup List

real community

Are you ready to experience REAL COMMUNITY? 

Then join a REAL LifeGroup!

Authentic - REAL LifeGroups hold nothing back.

Committed - REAL LifeGroups commit to each other.

Following Christ - REAL LifeGroups make the center of their relationships all about Jesus!

Groups are currently underway, get plugged into one and experience real community now!

Not sure how to get started? Just fill out an interest form here and we will help you begin to experience REAL COMMUNITY.